Ordering and Shipping
To place an order:

E-mail: OldAppleStuff@Waynes.com with the name(s) of the item(s) and listed price(s). Include in your e-mail the shipping address and a way we can contact you.

We will check our inventory and get you a total purchase price that includes shipping. We use the U.S. Post Office and will include only actual shipping costs. This information will be e-mailed back to you.

Payment can then be made via PayPal or with a credit card. Our e-mail to you will include more on your payment methods.

The Inventory:

Every item is tested and guaranteed working at time of shipment. Many items listed were in a personal collection that began in the late 70's.

Thank you:

Thank you for your business. It's great that items listed here will end up in a good home!