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Important Note
We have been fully engaged in marketing our inventory on eBay. Because of the activity required to sell on eBay, this website will not have the attention it needs. You can still inquire and we will look for what you'd be interested in, but the list of what's available or sold will not be updated regularly.

Check our eBay store.. OldAppleStuff ... (click the link to be taken there).

However... we are starting to list some stuff here.
Generally the same items list below links are in our eBay store and in some of the FaceBook groups. However, here they are at a lower price because we are not paying eBay fees when selling here. I am leaving the rest of our website "as is" because many have asked me too (for the photos perhaps).

If you're interested in any of the topics below, they are here and ready to ship.

this is a work in progress as I go over all this stuff!
Last Update: July 20, 2018

This website is made for the purpose of offering "Old" Apple // stuff as well as "Old" Macintosh stuff to you. It will be updated as supply and time permits - most of our efforts are now focused on selling our inventory in eBay...however we will continue to do business here, we just can not keep the website updated as we have in the past. (sorry)

Payment can be made via Paypal, money order or cash. Click here for information on ordering and shipping.

Please, minimum order is $25. We can no longer find, package, and ship those $1 orders that are paid for using Paypal.

Everything listed is generally in stock, we've been hoarding since the 70's so there's bound to be something good.

And now a plug for the documentary "Welcome to Macintosh". Visit the website to view several movie trailers and tons more. It is a documentary for all of us and the early reviews say it's simply fantastic...just like the computer.

And now for the good stuff...

Here are some favorite items we've sold on eBay over the years....
Mac 512K
Mac Plus
Mac SE (dual floppy)
Mac SE/30
Mac Classic
Mac Classic II(painted)
Mac Classic II
Mac Color Classic
Apple //e
Apple //c+
Apple //Plus+

Apple //
Apple // Computers Apple //, //Plus, //e, //GS, Compatible Computers
Apple Hardware Printers, disk drives, mice, monitors
Apple // Expansion Cards For slots 1 thru 7, and slot 0 !
Software - (Apple // Series) Educational Software
Games Software
Productivity / Utilities Software
Apple //GS ONLY GS Software
Beagle Brothers Software
Manuals Manuals for Apple products with Apple Logo
Apple // Magazines InCider, A+ / InCider, II Alive, APlus, SoftTalk, Nibble
More Apple // Literature Applied Engineering, GS+ Magazines, 8/16 Journals, Open-Apple, Scarlett, AppleWorks Forum
Books All kinds books on Apple // stuff
Other Whatever else is left that doesn't fit above

Macintosh Computers Laptops and Desktops
Macintosh Parts Logic boards, cases, memory... and just parts.
Mac Hardware Printers, disk drives, mice, monitors
Mac System Software
From OS 6.0.3 to OS 10.5
Original Operating System Install Disks, CD's and DVD's
Other Mac Install Software Install software for Apple printers & more. Disks with Apple Logo.
Vintage Mac Software

Mainly for 9-inch Macs, Mac II, Quadra, Mac LC series ... all for older Macs with a floppy drive(s)

Educational Software
Games & Entertainment Software
Productivity / Utilities Software - Disk Based
Mac Software

CD's (no packaging, no docs)

Educational Software
Games & Entertainment Software
Productivity & Utility Software
Reference Material & Magazines on CD
Mac Software

Packaged software with Docs and Original packaging

Educational software - CD based
Games Software - Generally CD based
Productivity / Utilities Software - CD Based
Reference Material (in process of posting to website)
Claris Software Special Claris software section
Manuals Manuals for Apple products with Apple Logo
Books and More All kinds books on and for your Macintosh
Macintosh Magazines MacWorld, MacAddict, MacHome, MacUser, Softline

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